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After FDA Crackdown on Juul, Disposable Knockoffs Take Over

Now, thanks to a “guidance” document released by the FDA on Jan. 2, there’s a new deadline and a massive loophole: It excludes “completely self-contained, disposable products,” like Puff Bars.

As a result, the announcement, initially covered as a ban by many national media outlets, is in fact having the opposite effect. “This policy basically provided a road map for the e-cig industry to continue using flavored products to addict kids,” said Boot Bullwinkle, a spokesperson for the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

The origin of Puff Bars and other knockoffs are more difficult to trace. Imported from China, they’re available for purchase from a variety of wholesalers online at prices as low as $7 each. Online commenters claim that their flavors are superior to other brands.

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